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You already share information so why not get paid for it. You should be rewarded and the partner program will do just that.

The program is FREE to join and you'll get GrooveSell™ and GroovePages™ FREE also just for joining. These additional programs that will help you market and sell especially if you're a beginner.

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We pay all of our affiliates once a month. All the commissions you receive throughout the month, will be sent to you via PayPal, Wire Transfer or ACH at the end of the month. And it only takes 2-3 days to be in your bank account!

You can also create a passive income at promoting our monthly plans, where we'll send you up tp 40% of your referrals payments every month for as long as they're paying clients.

Just refer new people to our offers, and we'll send you a new payment every month.

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Become Part Of Our Partner Program

With the Partner Program, everyone wins. If you get someone to sign up for a product, service, or free account, they stay connected to you forever. You get a commission for bringing the lead in even if they don't upgrade, and if another affiliate closes with the sale, you still get of some the commission. Now that's a win-win!

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Rules, Affiliate Terms and Conditions.


By joining our affiliate program you agree to the following.

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Affliate Terms and Conditions

Please make sure to read the rules. Please always adhere to FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services. You must agree to our affiliate agreement before promoting.

In addition, you must not use the following promotional methods if you are approved for this affiliate program: (Doing so may result in termination from the affiliate program and forfeit of any outstanding commissions.)

1. Sending spam or using safe lists any kind.

2. Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in promotional campaign.

4. Misrepresenting our product/offer or not following applicable endorsement rules and regulations.

5. Using cookie stuffing.

6. Using fraudulent credit cards.

7. Encouraging purchases for the sole purposes of qualifying for a prize (e.x. "Just buy the lowest price option and send me your receipt and after 30 days just cancel and I'll send you my bonus.")

8. You may team up with people you have partnered with before on your own front-end product. You must be known in the industry as business partners. No first time partnerships allowed to qualify for prizes. You can partner for commissions however with no restrictions.

9. Do not create negative review sites or postings on social media.

10. Your SEO reviews sites MUST contain an actual review.  You are free to use any swipe and promotional materials we make available for you in your affiliate tools dashboard.  You may not SWIPE and REPURPOSE our site content that isn't specifically designated as affiliate promotional material. You may, however, use our youtube video embeds as-is from our youtube channel. You may NOT use videos created for the purpose of communicating with our JV  partners.

11. Do not buy from your own link. You will not be paid. Do not use affiliate program as a rebate or discount for personal purchases.

All released sales are paid monthly.  You will not be paid unless your required payment method and tax information are filled out in your affiliate account.

Your commissions are released after 37 days. (30 days + a 7 day buffer period to handle refunds in support.)

You can expect your commissions to be paid, on average, between day 37 - 42 from when the sale is made.

All affiliates are approved, unless we specifically revoke your account for violation of these rules.  Every approved affiliate qualifies for the 20% affiliate program that pays on the schedule above. We reserve the right to withhold commissions for fraud or anything we deem to be suspicious.

**All monetary prizes will be paid in CASH USD**


Any affiliate that is looking to "game the system" will be banned and all commissions voided. This will also lead to a permanent loss of your Partner Program Access. Affiliate fraud is done by evil people with ideas that we can't even imagine, therefore we will not list all of the possible things nefarious affiliates do.  

We also just don't want to give you ideas :)... but here are a few examples... don't do them or anything shady like them.

-Signing up for multiple accounts to later sell legacy accounts

-Signing up influencers you don't know (by filling out our signup forms with guesses as to what their personal email address is to create an account for them without their knowledge)... seriously... this happens.

-Suggesting people sign up AGAIN with a new email to get your bonus while screwing over other affiliates that had already made the referrals.

-Pretending or misleading the public that you work for, or are an employee of, or ARE the official company, and so on, and so on, etc.

Be honest. Play fair to other affiliates. Not black hat stuff. Just use our promotional tools through normal sharing methods in your influence or with paid advertising and you will be rewarded greatly.

In closing, if you think you "might" be crossing the line, I can assure you it is crossing the line. Contact us and ask first. We would really appreciate that.

Otherwise, if you are reported to us by customers, other affiliates, or our fraud detection... well, we shoot first and ask question later. We don't mess around with shady affiliates. Period. If we find you playing games, we will kill your account, links, and commission owed to you by us and we will put your name, email, and IP on a permanent BAN list in our system. Bad apples ARE NOT welcome.

True affiliates... We love you


Affiliate payouts occur monthly.

Your commissions are released after 37 days. (30 days + a 7 day buffer period to handle refunds in support.) You can expect your commissions to be paid, on average, between day 37 - day 42 from when the sale is made.

Some of our sales start with a trial (e.g. $0 for 14 days). In that case, you will see a sale notification for a commission. But that commission is $0. When the trial period ends and the referral makes their first actual payment, you will then receive another commission notification. If that sale is not refunded, you will get your commissions for that sale in 37-42 days.

We would love to have you rejoin the LBA when you are ready. As a returning member, you have the option of choosing from the membership levels being offered. Please note that returning members are not eligible for any trial period that may be offered.

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